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Infrastructure sector remains the foundation of boosting a country’s development, says Kakeza

Kinshasa, October 12th,  2018 (CPA).- Mr. Placide Kakeza Kitenge, engineer at the Congolese Agency of Great Works (ACGT) for the Ministry in charge of Infrastructure, said on Thursday in Kinshasa, the infrastructure sector remains the only vector likely to boost the development of a country.  Mr. Kakeza, who was speaking at a conference on « the protection, maintenance and promotion of Congolese infrastructures”, organized by NGO, « the protection of the environment and infrastructures is everybody’s business », in this regard, called on the population to protect the works already acquired, since they constitute a major stake of the economic development of the country.

He believes that the government of Democratic Republic of Congo, through the Ministry in charge of Infrastructure must integrate information on the risks of climate change into the planning of coastal developments in the country, and to invest in the protection, prevention of damage existing infrastructures, before indicating that the exchange of experiences with other populations of neighboring countries, is also one of the best solutions that come online in the protection of infrastructures.

The engineer Kakeza who presented the table of infrastructures of the country, indicated that these, deteriorate from the day to the day, for lack of mechanisms of protection, quoting as an example, the degradation of the works of evacuation of the water, caused the most often by the beneficiary population. He also deplored the dilapidated state of most infrastructures that dates back to the colonial era and whose operating life is exceeded. Also identified as destructive factors of the infrastructures, the inappropriate occupation of the free spaces, the construction of the buildings on marshy grounds, without a preliminary study of the ground.

The government called to define the attributions of services intervening in the transport sector. Turning to the transport sector, Kakeza called on the government to define the remit of each service involved in transport-related infrastructure, for an integrated and harmonious management of these two vital sectors of the country. Engineer Kakeza believes that it is necessary to integrate a vision focused on the management of infrastructure under the supervision of transport and the Ministry in charge of Infrastructure, before calling on the government to define the attributions of each service involved in the sector of transport. « This vision must be based on operations to deploy.

It must be accompanied by a scorecard for each area, especially since infrastructure and transport must go hand in hand, « he said. For the engineer kakeza, the operational strategies, the specific actions and the work plan that will allow a deep renovation of the institutional, legal, technical, social, environmental and financial framework of the transport management of DRC remain, the Strengthening of the good local governance and improved conditions for the provision of transport services.

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