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Recommendation to plant trees at Kongo Central

Matadi, December 6th, 2018 (CPA).- FFN/Kongo Central, Muyombo Tambu, FFN, has recommended Kongo Central people to plant a tree in order to fight against global warming, during an interview with CPA on Wednesday in Matadi on the occasion of the National Day of the tree celebrated on December 5th of each year.

Muyombo said that by planting any fruit tree at home, we are helping to combat the global warming that has recently occurred in Matadi in particular and Kongo Central in general. He blasted the bad behavior of cutting down trees, stressing that it promotes ecosystem change.

Muyombo also indicated that for some reasons that may push her to cut a tree, the population must follow the legal process, including going to the administrative authority of the municipality or territory that will issue the authorization of tree felling and the payment of the tree felling tax to FFN/Kongo Central.

The population of Boma called to plant a tree Boma’s urban coordinator of the environment and nature conservation, Mbij, called on the people of this jurisdiction to plant a tree to justify their presence on the land, on the occasion of the Day of the Tree, celebrated on December 5th of each year.

On this occasion, 40 young acacia plants were transplanted on the concession of Boma town hall, under the high patronage of this city mayor, Marie-Josée Niongo Nsuami. The fight against global warming is among the positive effects of reforestation, said Mbij.

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