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Consolation visit of the Prime Minister at the family of the dead senator Bo-Boliko Lokonga

Kinshasa, April 22rd, 2018(ACP), The Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala has visited on last Saturday, the family of the dead Senator Andre Bo-Boliko Lokonga in the commune of Ngaliema in Kinshasa, in order to consulate the family at the occasion of the desperation of this Congolese State man.

The Head of the National Congolese executive was welcomed by the first born of the dead Senator, Dr Bo-Boliko Lokonga Monshe , who seized the opportunity to thank on behalf of his family, the President of Republic, the Pariament and the whole government for the honor rendered at his father. “Thank you for the organization, thanks for the homage rendered and which has honored the image of my father. It is a king of acknowledgement for what my father has done for this country” he said, indicating that funerals of his father were well organized, without any clashes.

According to the representative of Bo-Boliko family, the dead senator, is one of the pioneers of the independence and founder of the political Party “Parti democrate et Social Chretien” (Social and Christian Democratic Party) ,was someone very simple.

After the announce of his death, the Senator Andre Bo-Boliko Lokonga, the Head of the State instructed the Prime Minister to take all dispositions so that the corpse of the dead be buried with dignity. The funerals were organized in his honor at the People House, Headquarter of the Parliament where the official ceremonies took place in the presence of several personalities from the country among which the Prime Minister before the burial of the dead on April 14th, 2018 at the graveyard of Benseke Mfuti in Kinshasa.

Andre Bo-Boliko Lokonga is dead at 84 years old, and leaves behind him seven children. During his political career, he led legislative Council (National Assembly) of the second Republic as Speaker,he assumed functions such as Prime Minister called (premier Commissaire d’Etat), Bo-Boliko was elected senator in 2007, the seat that he occupied up to his death on March 30th, 2018 in Brussels in Belgium. ACP/Yhm/May  

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