Theo Ngwabidje calls for the involvement of the National Assembly for the restoration of peace in Sud Kivu


Kinshasa, March 18th, 2021 (CPA).– The head of the provincial executive of Sud Kivu, Theo Ngwabidje Kasi, requested the involvement of the National Assembly so that a solution can be quickly found to the questions of peace and security in his province in particular and the martyred provinces of the east of the country, during an audience granted to him by the President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso N’Kodia.

“I have just been received by the President of the National Assembly. I was accompanied by the 2nd Deputy President of the National Assembly, Vital Banywesize, who is a worthy son of Sud Kivu province is one of the provinces where security and peace problems are acute. This is the main subject of the discussions we had with the President of the National Assembly. I requested the president’s intervention so that a solution could be quickly found, with the advent of the Sacred Union, the involvement of the Head of State who wants peace to return to the East ”, indicated Theo Ngwabidje.

Governor Theo Ngwabidje said he was satisfied with the interview.

« We found an attentive ear from the President of the National Assembly who reassured us, at his level, he will push the government of the Republic so that a quick solution is found and that, ultimately, the people of Sud Kivu in particular, and those in the East in general, are recovering peace”, he said.

For Theo Ngwabidje, President Mboso no longer needs to be introduced. « He is an extremely important person who was able to carry out the reforms with the results obtained in the National Assembly, since we had an extraordinary man », he said.

Theo Ngwabidje was also received by the first vice-president of this chamber, Jean-Marc Kabund for the same plea.

The national elected and 2nd deputy president of the National Assembly, Vital Banywesize, also from Sud Kivu, for his part, affirmed that they addressed the issues of peace, development, governance at the level of province, the support and above all the stability of provincial institutions.

Vital Banywesize also said that insecurity is slowing down several initiatives aimed at the development of Sud Kivu.

 “We talked about the issue of peace, because nothing beats peace and we wanted it dearly. We also touched on DDR issues for veterans. We congratulate the governor for specific projects because he has secured significant funding for a project to build a road that will go from Bukavu to Walungu-Shabunda, the electrification of Nyabibwe, the promise of the Head of State to build, in Sud Kivu, four ports on Lake Kivu and a project to revalue dung in Bukavu city, which project will be implemented in Kinshasa city as well as the question of the stabilization of the provinces because there is has conflicts between provincial deputies and the head of the provincial executive « , he said, adding: » The questions of the retrocession and the payment of the elected provincials were not evaded « , concluded the 2nd Deputy President of the Lower House of Parliament.

Sud Kivu is one of the eastern provinces of the country most torn apart by armed violence. Insecurity is almost permanent in several areas of this province where local and foreign armed groups roam the eastern part of the country. ACP / Kayu / KJI