Governor Gentiny Ngobila donates food to 5 orphanages in Kinshasa


Kinshasa,March 24th, 2021 (CPA).-The governor of the city of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, gave, Sunday, a donation of food to orphan children taken care of by 5 orphanages based in Kinshasa, during a meeting carried out at the head office of « SOS Village enfants », located in the Bingi Bingi 36

BQ/ACP n° 5033du mercredi24mars 2021 JMB.-HHM.-/KUL.-PN.-VN.-INFO.-/LABIdistrict, in the commune of N’sele. According to the Town Hall communication unit which delivered this information, it is several bags of rice, sugar, beans, cornmeal, cartons of chickens, powdered milk, boxes canned food and tomatoes, packets of biscuits made available to the five reception structures concerned, in particular “My family, Nula, Lisanga ya ba Christo, Arthamani and SOS Village enfants”. Governor Ngobila Mbaka also gave them insecticide-treated mosquito nets to protect them against malaria, before expressing his joy at being among these children in thiswonderful educational setting. He thanked for this circumstance the NGO « Aksante » which has always accompanied him and helped to intervene in favor of vulnerable layers in order to consolidate confidence between these orphan children and him, as an urban authority. « I am your first dad in Kinshasa, I will come from time to time to visit you and supply you with food », he reassured, before promising them to follow up on these provisions so that they are not diverted. for other destinations, while sharing with them the meal prepared for the occasion. The head of the provincial executive also thanked the officials of the other beneficiary orphanages for the support theygive to these children, living in vulnerable and precarious situations. The local coordinator of alternative care for the children of the “SOS Village of Kinshasa”, Cirrane Cisika, fully appreciated the gesture of generosity made by the governor, through “Aksante Foundation”. Nearly 80,000 children around the world benefit from the benefits of the “Kinshasa SOS Village”, In addition, the source notes that nearly 80,000 children across a hundred countries are benefiting from this “Kinshasa SOS Village” initiative which, ten years ago, supports orphans in the DRC. It is an organization whose initiative emanates from the international organization created since 1949 by the Austrian, Dr. Hermann Gmeiner. The children of the beneficiary orphanages, for their part, expressed their deep gratitude to the urban authority for this gesture of charity in their favor. It should be noted that several authorities took part in this ceremony, including some deputies and members of the provincial executive of Kinshasa and members of the cabinet of the governor of the city, the burgomaster of N’Sele, Augustin Nkama, as well as the notables of this jurisdiction.