Hanns Seidel Foundation’s regional project program officer advocates for female leadership of excellence


Kinshasa, March 24th, 2021 (CPA) .- The regional project manager of Hanns Seidel Foundation and women’s rights activist, Fifi Falasi Mungele, spoke out in favor of excellent female leadership to run for office positions of responsibility, during an interview, on Wednesday, with CPA.

According to her, women who apply must demonstrate the necessary skills to claim to deserve a position of responsibility, lambasting, on the other hand, mediocrity in the camp of women. « Women’s leadership is not a cake you serve on the set », she said, adding that it is earned in a competitive environment.

Also, the woman must be competitive and win the bet to reach the position of responsibility, said the lady of FHS. In this context, said Ms. Fifi Falashi, the woman is a being endowed with the capacities and talents that she can put at the service of the nation.

In DRC, women represent 52% of the population and therefore the majority as such. It is normal for her to participate in decision-making bodies and to be present where we talk about her. This is how she maintains that women must participate in the design and implementation of policies that concern them: « when we talk about someone without associating them, we speak against him », she said. With regard to equality between men and women, everything must start, according to her, through access to education for all, which is the basis and cornerstone of development.

Young people of both sexes should be given the chance to study and not privileged one category, she said. She cited the example of countries like Sweden and Norway, where women show leadership, which are very wealthy and developed countries. In the Congo, there are cultures of manners which are barriers to the development of women.

 Ms Falasi welcomed the new configuration of the offices of two chambers of Parliament, where the representativeness of women was taken into account. Regarding the celebration of the month dedicated to women, she noted a change because, unlike in previous years, this one focused on festive events, the wearing of loincloths with new patterns and others.

Today, this celebration is devoted to reflection on the life of the citizen, participation in the development process of our country, advocacy in terms of actions to be taken so that the voice of women is raised and others. ACP/Kayu