Maltman reassures the continuation of the partnership between Great Britain and the National Assembly of DRC


Kinshasa, March 24th, 2021 (CPA) – The British Ambassador in DRC, Ms. Emily Maltman, has declared that the partnership between the British government and the National Assembly in DRC will continue, Britain being a great partner of DRC, especially as regards the strengthening of institutions and democracy, at the end of a hearing granted to him on Wednesday by the president of the national assembly, Christophe Mboso N’Kodia.

« My country will continue to nurture the relationship and the partnership Great Britain-National Assembly of DRC », affirmed Ms. Emily Maltman, while expressing the wish to see the National Assembly and the Senate continue their work to serve the Congolese population and be institutions that do a good job for this population to prosper and live in peace.

Ambassador Emily Maltman said she spoke with her host on, among other things, the program of work for the March session at the National Assembly.

« I exchanged with the new president of the lower house of Parliament on the work program for this session, the bills that are already before the Assembly and other projects that are expected from the government », she says.

For his part, the President of the National Assembly said he was flattered to receive in his office, the British diplomat with whom he exchanged on the challenges of the country and the support of Great Britain to DRC.

In her exchange on March 3rd, 2021, with the Minister of State, Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs, Marie Tumba, Nzeza, and Ambassador Emily Baltman stressed that her country will support the DRC’s mandate in the African Union.

“The African Union has an action plan on green economic growth. We would like to continue working with DRC on this action plan and on the issue of Covid-19 with COVAX, which has just delivered the vaccine against Covid-19 here in DRC”, she said.

Regarding the contribution of Great Britain to end insecurity in eastern DRC, she said that her country is also involved in stabilization programs in the east, before adding that It is important that the local communities are active to resolve this conflict in partnership with MONUSCO and the authorities, thus putting an end to the insecurity in this part of the country. ACP/Kayu