ANAPI presents DRC’s flagship projects at the third Tunisian-Congolese Economic Forum


Kinshasa, March 26th, 2021 (CPA)-The General Director of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI), Anthony Nkinzo, presented on Wednesday the flagship projects of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to potential partners at the third Forum Tunisian-Congolese economy. According to Anthony Nkinzo, the various flagship projects exist in key sectors.

These fit in with the vision of some of these Tunisian investors who came to Kinshasa in search of potential markets. For the health sector, the General Director of ANAPI believes that the Covid-19 pandemic should be seen as a businessopportunity for investors of all categories. It is in this context that he presented the Project for the realization of an artificial respirator that can serve several patients.

This project was designed by the Polytechnic Faculty of the University of Kinshasa and consists of manufacturing an artificial ventilator so that all the parameters required by doctors are taken into account in order to manage patients in a viable and reliable manner. Said project requires USD 134.714 to finance this partnership inPublic-Private Partnership (PPP) mode. Regarding the agricultural sector, DG Nkinzo said that it is a very promising sector for the government which wants to diversify its economy. « In this sector we find projects for the development of agroforestry, perennial crops and improved varieties, the development of mechanized food agriculture », said the General Director of ANAPI.

The increase in plant, animal and fishery production; support for peasant producers and the creation of agro-industrial parks (IAP), including the revival and extension of sustainable sectors, support for the improvement of marketing infrastructure, support for the processing of food products, fruits, tubers are also areas of investment according to the same source. Mr. Anthony Nkinzo indicated that in the area of New Information and Communication Technologies, there are projects such as the construction of a modern national broadband telecommunications infrastructure; the implementation of multipurpose tele-centers in every nook and cranny of the country and the computerization of public administration, specialized services and border posts are also among the flagship projects. In the electricity sector with a potential of 100,000 MW, including 44,000 MW at Inga site, 44% are at Inga site and the other 56,000 MW spread over 780 sites across the country, he added

Opportunities in the infrastructure sector

Mr. Anthony Nkinzo said that the infrastructure sector is fully liberalized and opened to the private sector by PPP in accordance withLaw No18/016 of July 9th, 2018. Various opportunities are available to new investors in this sector, in particular the routes: road, rail and air. He added that there is a possibility of rehabilitating a large part of this road network in PPP mode in order to ensure the economic integration of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Insurance sector represents a low penetration rate: 0.71% of GDP. It constitutes a current market estimated at 900 million USD (but only more or less 7% is captured.

This sector has a potential market of 3 to 5 billion USD in the medium term. For the industry sector, it is characterized by the deficit of national supply which constitutes an opportunity for Tunisian investors in Special Economic Zones.The General Director revealed that in 2017, the population’s demand in terms of housing was 263,037 units compared to a supply of housing made by individuals of 119. 945. There is therefore a housing deficit estimated at 143,082 dwellings per year. Anthony Nkinzo encouraged investors to seize these different opportunities to invest in the Democratic Republic of Cong. ACP/Kayu/JFM