Homosexuals are a permanent danger to the health of the population


Kinshasa, March 26th, 2021 (CPA)-The Gender and Human Rights Officer at the National AIDS Control Program « PNLS », Charlotte Makengo Bodi, underlined during an interview with CPA, on the sidelines of the March dedicated to women, that homosexuals constitute a permanent danger to the health of the population, because they would be exposed to HIV / AIDS, by the nature of their sexual relations. For Charlotte Makengo, homosexuals who also frequent sex workers who are heterosexuals among married people transmit the disease to the latter who, returning to their homes, infect their spouses.

This favors the massive transmission of HIV in the general population”. It recommended urgent care for these people for effective prevention against generalized contamination of the population. As a reminder, the studies carried out in this area attest that the prevalence rate among heterosexuals is 1.2%, while it varies between 7 and 16% among homosexuals », she revealed, before insisting on the awareness of the nursing staff who tend to despise and neglect this category ofindividuals who are human persons in their own right, Ms. Makengo denounced the marginalization of people living with disability and HIV / AIDS.Survivors of gender-based violence must enjoy all their rightsAs for people who have survived violence in all its forms, especially women, the gender and human rights officer at PNLS recommended that anyone who has suffered violence that she has qualified as barbaric acts must enjoy of the fullness of all his rights.Regarding women victims of gender-based violence in particular,

Ms. Makengo says that sending back the one who has been raped is another form of human rights violation, while the perpetrators of such behavior are also called to be brought to justice. « How can we condemn the victim of an act wickedlycommitted against his person when the perpetrator is moving freely?, she asked.Ms.

Mamie Charlotte Makengo also asked the latter to denounce all kinds of violence, before stressing that it is not only the East where human rights violations are committed,but they are also committed massively in large cities of the country, especially in Kinshasa following the confinement decreed causing idleness.Speaking on this occasion, a pupil of Libota Lisantu primary school expressed the anguish of the entire schoolcommunity whose establishment is in the throes of this weathering, in the presence of the advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of infrastructure and the mayor of Mont Ngafula municipality. Kimwenza ravine has progressed a lot with the last rains threatening infrastructure belonging to the Catholic Church in particular, the primary schools Libota Lisantu and Kimwenza, the homes of religious, as well as the large Canisius library, it is reported. ACP/Kayu/JFM