Tunisian economic operators in DRC, an opportunity to explore business opportunities


Kinshasa, March 26th, 2021 (CPA)-The presence of Tunisian economic operators in DRC is an opportunity to explore the business opportunities to be developed with their Congolese counterparts in a constructive approach, declared the president of « TABC Tunisia-Africa Business Council”, Anis Jaziri, who led the delegation of Tunisian businessmen to the 3rdTuniso-Congolese Economic Forum which is being held from March 24thto 26that Sultani hotel, in Kinshasa.

According to him, the purpose of the presence of Tunisian businessmen at this forum is to put Africa at the heart of the concerns of the Tunisian government and the economic operators of this country, and especially to carry out work of rapprochement and Africanization of the continent thanks to a structured capitalization of knowledge, know-how and competence for a “co-development, a co-construction” of Africa. Anis Jaziri called the forum exceptional because it is being held against a backdrop of a global pandemic that has shaken the economies of all countries. The Tunisian delegation of operators from several sectors, including higher education, health, pharmaceutical industry, engineering and information technologies, infrastructure, chemical and mechanical industries, energy as well as environment and waste management.

These businessmen arrived in Kinshasa with the aim of meeting their Congolese counterparts in order to create partnerships with them and develop trade between Tunisia and DRC. The president of « TABC Tunisia-Africa Business Council », on this occasion, invited Congolese economic operators to take part in the fourth edition of the African Forum, scheduled from June 24thto 25th, 2021 in Tunis. On the Congolese side, the Federation of Businesses of Congo (FEC) represented by Leni Ilondo, welcomed the visit of the large delegation of Tunisian economic operators in DRC, to strengthen exchanges between Kinshasa and Tunis for the benefit of the peoples of the two nations and the development of Africa.

The visit of Tunisian economic operators to DRC, organized by the Tunisia-Africa Business Council, is the 3rdin 4 years, after those of the Tunis Chamber of Commerce in September 2017 and November 2020, it is recalled. « This is proof ofthe manifest interest of the authorities and the Tunisian business community in the development and promotion of investments and trade between the DRC and Tunisia » said Mr. Leni Ilondo. The holding of the 3rdTuniso-Congolese Economic Forum in Kinshasa reflects, according to the organizers, the existence of the ties of friendship that unite the two countries and the will of the authorities to conceal and develop a strong partnership.

The opening ceremony of this forum was marked by the presence, on the Congolese side, of the Minister of State, Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs Marie Tumba Nzeza and of the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC), Augustin Kibassa Maliba, and on the Tunisian side of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Tunisian Ambassador in DRC ACP/Kayu/JFM