Kin-TOKO project: the general commissioner in charge of the environment visits the facilities of OK Plast Company


Kinshasa, March 30th, 2021 (CPA) – The general commissioner in charge of the environment, social affairs, gender, family and vulnerable people of Kinshasa, Laetitia Bena Kabamba, visited the facilities of OK Plast company last weekend , to take a look at the implementation of “Kin TOKO” project which promotes the circular economy.

According to Ms. Bena Kabamba, OK Plast company is a partner of Kinshasa city in the implementation of « Kin TOKO » project. It is installing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) collection bridges, aiming at the proximity of collection operations in order to promote the recycling of plastic bottles.

The General Commissioner took the opportunity to raise awareness and sensitize Kinshasa to the importance of sorting waste at household level. She also encouraged partners working in this circular economy sector.

“Kinshasa people need to know that today’s waste is worth money and tomorrow’s resource. And I appeal to the people of Kinshasa to no longer throw away their used plastic bottles, but to send them to the various PET collection points”, she underlined.

The most important thing in this process is to take into account the circular economy, which will promote environmental protection, noted Ms. Bena Kabamba.

She made this descent on the sidelines of World Recycling Day celebrated on March 18th of each year. This day was established by the international office for recycling and the use of objects made from recycled materials to promote technological advances in recycling, it is noted. ACP /