Science and health DRC has passed 28,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19


Kinshasa, March 30th, 2021 (CPA) – The Democratic Republic of Congo surpassed the bar of 28,000 cases of Covid-19 on Sunday by registering 82 new confirmed cases out of 452 samples tested , reports the daily bulletin of the technical secretariat of the national multisectoral response committee to the Covid-19 pandemic, which reached CPA on Monday.

Among these new confirmed cases, there are 35 in Kinshasa, 22 in Nord Kivu, 11 in Sud Kivu, 8 in Lualaba, 5 in Kongo Central and 1 in Kasai. The province of Nord Kivu at the same time exceeded the bar of 2,000 cases of Covid-19.

No new deaths have been recorded among the confirmed cases. There was no new cure in the Covid treatment centers (CTC) or among the patients followed at home.

Since the declaration of the epidemic on March 10th, 2020, the cumulative number of cases is 28,012, including 28,011 confirmed cases and 1 probable case. In total, there have been 739 deaths so far and 25,398 people cured.

The Covid-19 test is free in the Democratic Republic of Congo, except for travelers who will have to pay USD 30.

Twenty-three of the twenty-six provinces in DRC are affected by this epidemic. These are the provinces of Kinshasa (20,228 cases), Nord Kivu (2,017 cases), Haut-Katanga (1,839 cases), Kongo Central (1,641 cases), Sud Kivu (872 cases), Lualaba (729 cases), Ituri (269 cases), Tshopo (125 cases), Haut-Uele (102 cases), Equateur (62 cases), Nord-Ubangi (40 cases), Maniema (20 cases), Kasaï Central (17 cases), Kwilu (9 cases), Sud-Ubangi (7 cases), Tanganyika (7 cases), Kasaï Oriental (7 cases), Bas-Uele ( 6 cases), Kwango (5 cases), Kasaï (3 cases), Tshuapa (2 cases), Mai-Ndombe (2 cases) and Haut-Lomami (1 case). ACP /