A concert by Manda Chante and Bana OK in memory of the 2nd anniversary of Simaro’s death


Kinshasa, April 31st, 2021 (CPA).- The artist-musician Manda Chante and “Bana OK” orchestra, delivered a concert on Tuesday at “Emilton” Hotel, located in the municipality of Lingwala, as a souvenir of the 2nd anniversary of the death of guitarist, poet and songwriter Lutumba Simaro Masiya Ndomanueno, who died on March 30th, 2019 in Paris.

Organized by the president of the Association of Notables of Lingwala, Emile Ngoyi, in collaboration with the sons of the late Lutumba who came from Europe for the occasion, this concert began with the handing over of the municipal hall renamed « Lutumba » by the mayor of Lingwala.

Indeed, several personalities, family members and the inhabitants of this municipality gathered in front of the bust of Lutumba placed on the avenue of Liberation (former 24 November), and gave vibrant testimonies in tribute to the illustrious disappeared .

Simon Lutumba Ndomanueno was born on March 19th, 1938 in Kinshasa, at the time of Léopoldville, lived the first years of his career as a complete disciple of Grand Master Franco Luambo Makiadi.

Former employee of the Company of Commercial Enterprise of Belgian Congo (SEDEC), he learned his first guitar notes in 1956 in the hands of the guitarist Kalonji, an artist-musician adept of « zebola » (one possessed), a rhythm and a dance of the exorcism ceremonies of Nkundu people of Equateur (Congo). This before successively integrating the orchestras « Micra Jazz » and « Congo Jazz » of Gérard Madiata.

A few months before his death in Paris at the age of 81, Lutumba Simaro had performed at Show Buzz room, in Ngaliema municipality, as part of the celebration of his 80th birthday and his 60th birthday years of musical career. ACP/Kayu/KJI