Advocacy for the respect of the quota of 30% of women in the next government


Kinshasa, April 31, 2021 (CPA).- The President of the Women’s league within the  » Front for a Congo Renewal (FCR) » party, Josiane Kabamba, during an interview on Wednesday with CPA, pleaded for compliance with the 30% quota reserved for women, promised by the Head of State, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo on leaving the new government. « We are already campaigning for parity, we must not be deprived of this 30% quota promised by the Head of State », she said, while inviting political parties to do so take into account and harmonize their lists.

According to Ms. Josiane, from politicians to women entrepreneurs and scientists to market gardeners or even in any field, no one wants to miss this opportunity to see their peers prove themselves in decision-making bodies from the country.

Faced with this situation, women intend to rise up to block the road to these political parties who always want to use them for mobilization and when it comes to positions, they do not take into account women’s skills, she stressed, before encouraging female youth who devote themselves seriously to work thus constituting a reason for hope for the future of Congolese women, instead of walking around the city unnecessarily or even prostituting themselves.

A sad observation made for the respect of the rights of Congolese women

For this social actor, for several decades, DRC has wanted to be a country that respects the rights of women and considers women as much as men. But on closer inspection, the reality is grim, as it is often human rights that take precedence over those of women.

And this can be seen, among other things, through the right to equitable representativeness in national, provincial and local institutions as well as those related to education and freedom of expression.

In the institutions currently in DRC, less than 30% of decision-making positions are held by women. There is therefore a long way to go and battles to be waged to achieve parity in the country’s institutions. Which is a wish so much desired by women, she noted.

FCR encourages the head of state for his involvement in the representation of women in the next government

Ms. Josiane, on this occasion indicated that FCR encourages the Head of State, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi for his personal involvement in respecting the representativeness of women in the first government of the Sacred Union of the nation.

In this context, she estimated that the lists of political parties that will not meet this quota will not be received by the Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde. ACP/