Advocacy to guarantee the security of the population in the eastern part of DRC


Kinshasa, April 31, 2021 (CPA).- The lawyer at Kinshasa-Matete bar, Mbili Armel, has, during a lively press conference, on Wednesday, in Kalamu municipality, pleaded with the government of the Sacred Union of the Nation (USN) in gestation, to include security insurance among the priority actions to be exercised in the eastern part of the country where, for years, armed groups have been making people suffer.

According to Mbili Armel, for two decades, these gangs of gangsters brought children to mining squares in order to carry out chores of artisanal mining of mineral substances and much other hard forced labor, paralyzing, by the same fact, their brains and making them amorphous, anticipatively, before becoming incapable of contributing to the national development.

« This situation mortgages the bright future for the country insofar as the latter will, in the long run, lack intellectual frameworks and a qualified workforce capable of serving development, » he lamented before insisting on the urgency that there is for the government to look first at the incapacitation of harm of all the armed groups.

This type of insurance, noted Mbili, establishes the necessary and sufficient mechanisms to guarantee the safety of the population and especially that of Congolese children. ACP/ Kayu/KJI