Bandundu: The rural woman at the center of a mini fair on female entrepreneurship


Bandundu, April 31, 2021 (CPA).– The deputy governor of Kwilu province, Felicien Kiway, recently proceeded to Ntombwa center in Bandundu city, capital of the province, to launch the activities of the mini-fair for entrepreneurship of rural women organized by “Action for the protection and promotion of marginalized women and children” (APPROFEM) NGO, as part of the closing of the month of women, 2021 edition.

This activity under the theme. « Rural woman, Woman of the future », which saw the participation of women from different women’s structures in the agricultural sector, aimed at the visibility of the capacities and entrepreneurship of rural women in Bandundu. This, with a view to helping rural women to ensure sound management of small and medium-sized enterprises in order to empower themselves and support their households, said Ms. Andréa, representative of APPROFEM.

In his presentation, Dr. Yves Daniel Ngavan, specialist in entrepreneurship and coordinator of programs within APPROFEM, hammered on the issue of the consideration of rural women, evoking the role of women in general, of women as mothers. and of the woman-wife in society, before underlining the specific objectives of this fair which aims to ensure the support of the fairer sex and give them the opportunity to acquire new knowledge through training and exchanges and to promote rural women so that they can also feel considered in society.

The Provincial Minister in charge of Gender Dr. Esther Bamenga who recalled the theme of the said fair, on this occasion urged women to more commitment to their empowerment and financial independence by valuing work, in order to promote entrepreneurship agriculture in Kwilu.

Recommendations following a heated debate were formulated, the acquisition of green land for agricultural work, the granting of agricultural inputs and the cultivation of consuming products processed locally against those imported by the population. A guided tour of the product exhibition stands closed the ceremony. ACP/