Closing of the month dedicated to women at the Congolese Press Agency


Goma, April 31, 2021 (CPA).- The agents and executives of the Congolese Press Agency/Provincial Directorate of Nord Kivu, closed on Monday the month of March dedicated to activities related to women’s rights.

During that month, the Provincial Command had taken the initiative to take turns in assigning female staff to moderate the meetings and editorial boards each Monday for planning the week’s activities and those on Fridays set aside to the evaluation of these activities.

Women from ACP/North Kivu were also tasked with monitoring reporters’ production globally as well as papers posted on the website and those published in electronic newsletters.

They have been invited as part of the promotion of gender, to produce dispatches dealing particularly with women’s issues throughout this ending month.

This task was well done and the dispatches produced by these women journalists appeared on the site and in the electronic newsletters, it is noted. ACP/