General Manager, Didier Musete resumes his duties at SCPT


Kinshasa, April 31, 2021 (CPA).- The general director of the Commercial Company of Posts and Telecommunications (SCTP), Didier Musete, suspended 4 years ago, resumed his duties as general director of SCPT on Tuesday after the handover and resumption ceremony with the temporary director general, Jean Pierre Kalenga, at the headquarters of SCPT, on boulevard of Juin 30th in Kinshasa.

Contesting the charges against him, Didier Musete defended his innocence and won his case in the Council of State.

On the instructions of the Minister in charge of Portfolio, Prof. Clément Kuete, the Board of Directors of SCPT reinstalled the General Director Didier Musete, in his office located in the enclosure of the post office building on Boulevard of Juin 30th, in accordance with the judgment of the highest administrative court of the country taken as to this.

Jean Pierre Kalenga, temporary general director, handed the baton of command to Didier Musete, suspended as a precaution, four years ago, by a ministerial decree. It was on January 27th that Didier Musete was rehabilitated by the Council of State for lack of evidence.

 “Four years later, I think it’s a miracle. Today the miracle becomes reality. The general assembly which met yesterday and the board of directors confirmed my return as General Director of the Commercial Company of Posts and Telecommunications following the decision of the Council of State and also the instruction of the Minister in charge of Portfolio, who asked the Chairman of the Board of Directors to be able to execute this judgment. We have just completed the handover and resume session with the outgoing temporary CEO to whom I express my gratitude for the work he has put into the last six months », he said.

Far from being distracted, he called on agents and executives to take up the challenge before them.

“We will have to meet it together. I think our country should have a telecommunications operator worthy of the name. And President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo deserves to have a large-scale telecommunications company. The size of our country demands it, imposes it on us. We must submit to this in order to transform this company into a mega telecommunications structure in the DRC and why not in the sub-region”, said Didier Musete.

In the process, the General Director of the Commercial Company of Posts and Telecommunications pointed out that it is thanks to the efforts of President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi in the materialization of a true rule of law in DRC that he has succeeded in being restored.

Note that this handover took place 24 hours after the holding of the extraordinary general meeting of the Board of Directors which took note of the decision taken by the State owner of SCPT SA. ACP/Kayu/KJI