Organization of a charity concert on April 4th, 2021 at Espace Congo Loisirs in Lingwala


Kinshasa, April 31st, 2021 (CPA).- The Christian artist-musician, Dexcy Masena, announced, on Wednesday, during an interview with CPA, the organization of his charity concert on April 4th, 2021, at “Congo Loisirs” space in the municipality of Lingwala, under the theme “Make you smile”.

According to him, « being a person living with a disability, this charity concert aims to support orphans and destitute children through acts of charity and to help stigmatized and marginalized people in society ».

This concert, which will see the participation of several other Christian artist-musicians, in particular Denis Ngonde, Billy Bilomba, Landry Losanganya, will constitute a favorable framework to give a smile to this layer of the population, by assisting them socially by fundraising and other goods in kind, he said, before appealing to the population to support this initiative. ACP/Kayu/KJI