Social actress urges women to take their destiny into their own hands


Kinshasa, April 31, 2021 (CPA).- The president of the International alliance of women lawyers (AIFA), Me Joelle Mbamba Kona, urged women to take charge of their own destiny, with their strengths in different areas of life , during a morning exchange organized on Wednesday in Gombe municipality, to close the activities related to the month of women.

Me Joelle Mbamba took the opportunity to plead in favor of a permanent capacity building of women in all sectors, especially the arts and music, while all the attention is paid to the field of education.

Speaking to women victims of violence and sexual abuse, the lawyer encouraged them before bringing moral comfort to those suffering in the throes of war.

She believes that women must get rid of everything that blocks their emancipation, including ignorance, fear and obstacles related to custom, not to mention other avatars.

The national president of the bar Matadiwamba Kamba Mutu, in his intervention, recognized the existence of a common point for all women lawyers in the world, namely that they are confronted with their own realities. « It’s astonishing, he said, that there are obstacles related to the anatomy of people in the same profession when they are not mentioned in the law.

It’s just a matter of the history of mankind, everyone is created male or female, the last carries historical weight. Women have always been stigmatized by religions, according to history”, he told the audience. It has been passed down from generation to generation until now. « I encourage women to read up on history outside of the law, it will help them understand their positions », he added.

For her part, Me Lorraine Ngbande Belade, in her message focused on « information is power », said that currently knowledge and knowledge are essential elements for women. And communication and information facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and knowledge. This is how she invited women to take ownership of the new information and communication technology.

At the same time, Me Rose Mutombo, spoke on the issue of « violence against women », she revealed that violence against women in DRC is due to various problems that the country knows including armed conflicts and the arrival of refugees in Congolese territory. “The government reacted to this effect, faced with this scourge by revising the penal code to strengthen sanctions against perpetrators, the establishment of national strategies to fight against gender-based violence and so many others, she said.

This morning saw the participation of several speakers who addressed several themes, namely: « violence against women, assessment and prospects » and « entrepreneurship in the digital age ». ACP/