Attempted attack on a military intelligence office in the town of Beni


Beni, April 3rd, 2021 (CPA) – The spokesperson for Sokola1 operations in the northern part of the province of North Kivu, Lieutenant Antony Mwaluchay, denounced the possession of firearms by a group of young demonstrators who tried to attack this Thursday at one of the offices of the military intelligence service where the captured ADF / MTN rebels and the Mayi-Mayi renderings are held in the city of Beni. It happened early in the morning in the Kalinda neighborhood, Mulekera commune in the city of Beni.

This military officer announced that it all started with a false rumor placed on the web by the young people of the municipality of Mulekera, criticizing the presence of the ADF in this office, followed by notices to attack him within 48 hours. He said that altercations between his young demonstrators and the elements of order ended in an exchange of fire.

Lieutenant Antony Mwaluchay also deplored the instrumentalization of young people by certain well-identified local administrative authorities who intoxicate them against the regular army. The spokesperson for Sokola1 operations in the northern part of the province of North Kivu thus urged the young people of Beni not to give in to the manipulations that risk costing anyone who will still dare to venture into similar practices, recalling that not all military defense secrets should still be blackmailed. The head of the Ngongolio district, Faustin Ndalutwa Mayani, for his part, lambasted the fact that his administrative office was vandalized and made to ashes by his young demonstrators.

The workers of the Social Fund of the DRC who worked in the perimeter of the vandalized zone and the neighbors, who were innocently arrested, were later released, according to civil society and the commune’s youth council.