Erick Nyindu officially took up his post as Director of Presidential Communication


Kinshasa, April 3rd, 2021 (CPA) .- The new Director of the Presidential Communication Unit, Erick Nyindu Kibambe, took up his duties on Friday after a brief handover and resumption ceremony with his predecessor, Abraham Luakabuanga in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Head of State in charge of social issues, Olivier Mondonge, learned about the CPA from a source close to the Presidency of the Republic. Appointed by presidential ordinance, on March 5th, at the head of the Communication Unit called to replace the presidential press and presidential communication services, Erick Nyindu also received the keys of command from Jean-Pierre Wafuana who assumed interim director Lydie Omanga called to other functions.

The handover took place in a friendly atmosphere. In front of the staff of the service, the honorary director Abraham Luakabuanga reiterated his thanks to the Head of State who had entrusted him with his heavy duties in March 2019 and wished good luck to his successor. Erick Nyindu praised the courage of his predecessor and called on the staff to redouble their efforts. « We have a new challenge, » he told them before concluding that « you work for the Head of State and he expects a lot from you ». During his official presentation to journalists and agents of this cell, last month, Erick Nyindu had specified that it pleased the Head of State to merge, for reasons of efficiency, the direction of the presidential press with that of communication and make it a single communication unit.

On this occasion, he called on everyone to get involved and give good ideas with everyone’s commitment. « We are called to accompany the Head of State in his vision for the development of the country », he insisted, adding: « we must meet and propose the history that we must sell to the public opinion ». He then urged everyone to be loyal to the Head of State, seeing things positively. According to Director Nyindu, the right to make mistakes is fundamental, but when the same mistake comes back two or three times, it becomes sabotage and it is intolerable. He had asked everyone to be forces of proposals. “Everyone must get to work to justify the trust the Head of State has placed in each of us. So there is no room for stash, ”he said.