Need to produce children’s textbooks on the environment and the fight against corruption in the DRC


Kinshasa, April 3rd, 2021 (CPA) .- Mr. Moise Mbaya, environmental expert and economist, spoke on Friday of the need for the State to produce textbooks for children related to the environment, the fight against corruption and the change of mentalities, during an interview with the CPA, on the occasion of International Children’s Book Day, celebrated on April 2 of each year.

Moïse Mbaya indicated that this is a possible solution to prepare this social category to cultivate a sustainable and responsible management of biodiversity and to stifle, from an early age, corrupt practices and others similar that plague Congolese society, stressing that these two subjects should be integrated into the national education program. To do this, he appealed to Congolese writers and cartoonists to also take ownership of this approach, which will be a way of making children and their parents aware of the challenges of climate change and the dangerousness of corruption. for the nation.

The production of this kind of textbook will also constitute, according to him, a means of preventive fight against the related anti-values, in addition to the actions carried out on a daily basis by the public authorities and the civil society, with a view to the construction of a new Congolese company.