Renaissance supporters demand the departure of Pascal Mukuna from FECOFA


Kinshasa, April 3rd, 2021 (CPA) .- Nearly a hundred supporters of FC Renaissance du Congo from Kinshasa gathered on Friday around 1:00 p.m. at the headquarters of the Congolese Federation of Association Football (FECOFA) to demand the departure of the bishop Pascal Mukuna, chairman of the management committee.

Equipped with posters stamped with the effigies of Marie Claire Kengo, the one they want to see at the head of the club committee, these supporters arrived at FECOFA chanting songs hostile to Bishop Pascal Mukuna, president of the orange team .

Law enforcement officers in charge of security at the headquarters of the federation prevented them from gaining access by closing the gate. Nevertheless, they hinted that their concern is to see the president of the Congolese football body, Constant Omari Selemani, help them to remove Pascal Mukuna. « We are fed up with Mukuna, who took our team hostage and we set our sights on Ms. Marie-Claire Kengo », they kept shouting aloud in the hope of being heard by the responsible for FECOFA. Faced with Constant Omari’s refusal to come and meet them, the demonstrators decided to hold a sit-in at the entrance to the FECOFA headquarters. But, it happened that when they arrived, Constant Omari was in a meeting in his office.

Finally, at the request of President Omari, a delegation of supporters composed of five people was allowed to meet him. Omari asks supporters to write to FECOFA with a copy to City Hall Instead of 5 people, 6 members of the large supporters committee of FC Renaissance du Congo were received by President Omari at the FECOFA conference room.

“We have been in conflict with Pascal Mukuna for several years and are looking for a solution. Renaissance is sinking through the bad faith of the bishop-pastor. For us, the future of Renaissance is in the hands of Marie-Claire Kengo ”, they said. After listening to his interlocutors, Constant Omari, who knows the genesis of the team, asked the supporters to write officially to FECOFA with a copy to the Town Hall and to the National Football League (LINAFOOT) to request a clarification meeting on this file, so as to comply with the statutes of the team. « Once in possession of this letter, FECOFA, Pascal Mukuna, Marie Claire Kengo and the main supporters’ committee will hold a meeting to dot the i’s and clarify things, » Constant Omari replied to his six interlocutors, who came out of the room relaxed, satisfied and compelled to report back to the other supporters.