72 million USD from the ADB for the rehabilitation of the RN1 Kinshasa-Kikwit


Kinshasa, April 5th, 2021 (CPA).– the African Development Bank (AfDB) has just disbursed an amount estimated at 72,000,000 (seventy-two million) USD for the rehabilitation of the national road No1 (RN1), on its axis Kinshasa-Kikwit.

Mr. Freddy Matungulu, administrator at the ADB on behalf of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), announced Friday, April 2 on his Twitter account. According to the source, the works will be carried out by the Roads Office (OR), a Congolese national company which is in charge of roads of general interest estimated at 58,150 km. This RN1 links the eastern part of the DRC (Haut-Katanga) and the western part (Kongo-central) via the great Bandundu, Kasai, Lomami, Haut Lomami and Lualaba. The part targeted by the funding has essentially sandy soil conducive to erosion, the last of which has just emerged in the city of Masamuna, in the province of Kwango. As a reminder, the ADB is one of the DRC’s major partners in the rehabilitation and construction of basic infrastructure.

The latest works are those related to the construction and modernization of the road sections, Kwango-Tshikapa and Tshikapa-Kamwesha as well as the construction of the Tshikapa bridge over the Kasai river. ACP/