A call for the unity and cohesion of communities living in Ituri


Bunia, April 5th, 2021 (CPA).- The president of the Provincial Assembly of Ituri, Siméon Banga Tchombe, launched a pathetic appeal for the unity and cohesion of the communities living in this entity in order to establish peace sustainable in this part of the country. He made this known at the opening last Friday of the ordinary session of March 2021 of the deliberative body, in the presence of the provincial governor, Jean Bamanisa Saïdi, provincial ministers, members of the provincial security committee, officials state services and a public come for the occasion. « The take-off or better the development of Ituri is based on several factors including the unity and cohesion of the sons and daughters of this group, » he said in his speech.

In order to create a synergy between sons and daughters of Ituri, Siméon Banga Tchombe invited them to transform the Iturian community into a strong and united people where everyone works for the happiness of all, to integrate the situation that the populations of Ituri are all sons and daughters of the same province and of the same family. Despite the persistence of insecurity in some localities, he expressed his optimism for the future of this province, before expressing the wish to see the will to live together, remain in hearts and minds populations. ACP/