Maniema: the provincial executive called to focus its priorities in the road and agricultural sectors


Kindu, March 5th, 2021 (CPA).– The president of the Provincial Assembly of Maniema, Gertrude Kitembo Mpala, called on Tuesday March 30 for the opening of the ordinary session of March, the head of the provincial executive to focus its priorities in the sectors of roads and agriculture, in order to restore the province to its reputation as the agricultural breadbasket of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

For Ms. Gertrude Kitembo, the failure to rehabilitate the agricultural feeder roads that connect the town of Kindu, the provincial capital, to the territories and other agglomerations, will only perpetuate the rise in the price of basic food products. This is why she invited members of the provincial government to do everything possible to revive agriculture, the only pledge that can lift the population out of the poverty that characterizes it.

« This time, the Provincial Assembly of Maniema will be particularly careful in the disbursement of funds allocated to said sectors for the opening up and by extension, the development of the province of Maniema », warned the president, Gertrude Kitembo. ACP/