The women of Agriculture, fishing and breeding of Kongo Central called to work for an egalitarian future


Matadi, April 5th, 2021 (CPA).- The Provincial Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock (AGRIPEL) of Kongo Central, Pauline Mvibudulu, called on women workers in her sector to work for an egalitarian future, during the ceremony closing of the month of the woman organized in the enclosure of the provincial inspectorate of agriculture in Matadi, learned Saturday the CPA from a source close to this institution. Ms. Mvibudulu also urged them to cultivate love, peace and a competitive spirit at work vis-à-vis their male colleagues to assert themselves in their profession. The president of women of AGRIPEL, Antoinette Lelo Ngumba, for her part, indicated that this day allowed them to assess their respective structures to date, before urging her peers to meritocracy to be able to lead and access command posts.

She praised advances in digitization through the training of staff in IT and various demands made in the fight against all forms of stigma in the workplace.

Over 100 of the women attended the ceremony, which was attended by the provincial minister, members of her cabinet as well as provincial inspectors of agriculture and rural development. ACP/