MONUSCO concerned about calls for violence in Nord Kivu province


Kinshasa, April 8th, 2021 (CPA).– Food insecurity in DRC affects one in three Congolese, a level never reached before, MONUSCO said in its report of the weekly meeting on Wednesday, on the news of the Nations United in DRC.

According to MONUSCO, which cited the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP), DRC is today the country in the world with the largest number of people having an urgent need for food security assistance given that 27.3 million Congolese are acutely food insecure, including nearly 7 million at an emergency level of acute hunger.

“DRC should not even be among the countries where the food problem arises. Because this country has such potential that it is almost a reverse performance. This country, in a way, is blessed by God in terms of space, agricultural productivity, presence of water. And especially in Congo, people can plant twice, three times a year. We have to get people to live in peace and to be able to farm. That’s the solution”, said World Food Program (WFP) representative Claude Jibidar in an interview.

According to him, however, DRC can feed itself and feed more than 2 billion people in Africa and around the world, if it invests seriously in agriculture. ACP /Kayu/AWa