Prof. Daniel Mulenda recommends that DRC adopt the green governance model


Kinshasa, April 8th, 2021 (CPA).– Prof. Daniel Mulenda Lomena, on Wednesday recommended to DRC to adopt the model of green governance, during a ceremony for the opening of his book entitled “Green Governance and economic emergence in DRC”, chaired by the Minister in charge of Higher and University Education (ESU), Thomas Luhaka Losendjola, in the conference room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Gombe municipality.

The author indicated that this new work is intended as a contribution to the threats that global warming poses to civilization, as well as to the failure of liberal policies to stem the progression of poverty and inequalities in the world, in general and in DRC in particular.

Hence the objectives assigned to his book are to analyze the economic growth achieved in DRC and to present the approach of green governance in DRC to achieve the emergence of the Congolese economy, he said.

According to Prof. Daniel Mulenda Lomena, economic emergence as achieved by the countries of « BRICS » group is not in itself an end, because of the poor quality of growth. To this end, he urges DRC to adopt this governance model so that the resulting economic growth will lift many people out of poverty, while preserving the environment.

Presenting the book, Prof. Tiker Tiker said that the emergence of DRC economy is an issue much discussed differently by economists, development experts, politicians and civil society.

He underlined the urgency of reviewing the old model in order to adopt a new model of resource exploitation in harmony with the protection of nature, it is in this context that the author, Daniel Mulenda, reflected on the green governance and economic emergence in DRC.

For his part, the Minister in charge of Higher and University Education encouraged the author of the book, calling him a patriot and concerned with community well-being, in protecting the environment.

For him, through this book, DRC could be present whenever the nations of the world discuss the issue of environmental pollution.

Published by « Harmattan » editions, the book « Green governance and economic emergence in DRC » comprises 192 pages and subdivided into 3 parts, namely: The theory on green governance and economic emergence, analysis of models the economic emergence of BRICS group countries as well as green governance in the service of economic growth. ACP /Kayu/AWa