An exhibition of evil forces turns to tragedy in Isangi in Tshopo province


Kisangani, April 12th, 2021 (CPA).- An unidentified man, a fetishist by state, died during a test of exhibition of evil forces in the locality of Mosenge, one of the entities of the chiefdom of Liutua, located more than 70 km from the capital of the territory of isangi in the province of Tshopo.

In the presence of a few curious people, the unfortunate man wanted to demonstrate his invulnerability to sharp objects by receiving a machete blow to his stomach. The machete sliced ​​her stomach, they said. He was taken to the nearest health center where he returned, despite the urgent need to take care of him.

The same source informs that such a macabre scene had recently taken place in the villages of Yabasobola, and Yaliaboga in the same province.