For independent female participation in the survey on insecurity in the East


Kinshasa, April 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The person in charge of administration and finance at the “Collectif des femmes volunteers du Congo (COFEVOCO)”, Marthe Kimonekene expressed on Saturday, the wish to see, like a a large number of women’s organizations that are members of this associative movement, a large and independent female participation in the survey on insecurity in the eastern part of the DRC, during an interview with the CPA in the commune of Kalamu.

Ms. Kimonekene insisted on the fact that their investigations must be independent of the investigations envisaged at the level of the lower house of Parliament, insofar as their research will have the specificity of examining in the field, the foundations of multiple sexual violence based on gender and many human rights violations and those specifically related to women.

For this social actor, the reports already established by certain non-profit associations (ASBL) members with many other similar structures operational on the ground in the provinces victims of insecurity, could sufficiently contribute to the discovery of the elements sought in the investigation and presentation of objective results.

Thus, the government of the Sacred Union of the Nation and the United Nations systems will have a useful database to refine the latest strategies to be implemented to end the insecurity of which women are the first victims. , in the eastern part of the country, she concluded