Signature of the Cooperation Charter between the city of Évreux and the commune of Ngaba


Kinshasa, April 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The governor of the city of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, chaired, on Saturday, the signing ceremony of the Cooperation Charter between the city of Évreux in France and the commune of Ngaba, before the politico-administrative and notable authorities of this municipality. In his remarks for the occasion, the head of the provincial executive welcomed the presence of the delegation of the city of Évreux for the outcome and the attention given to this partnership, adding that this twinning will accompany the commune of Ngaba to its real development. Governor Gentiny Ngobila revealed that this agreement will carry several actions for the benefit of the said municipality, in particular in its section relating to sanitation. He also urged the inhabitants of this municipality to appropriate the “Kinshasa-Bopeto” initiative which is a concept to be perpetuated in their living environments, especially in households and environments. He called on the population to take care of the plastic waste which often causes enormous amounts after rain.

Some aspects of the project

For his part, the ambassador of the City of Évreux for the cooperation of projects with the African continent and president of the NGO « Eure Congo » Stéphane Baki said he was satisfied with the welcome and the importance that the Ngaba commune manifested in this partnership. He stressed that three components were put in place to carry out the actions during this twinning, firstly the one related to water and sanitation, during which his organization will set up vehicles for waste disposal, training Ngaba technicians and logistical support. Regarding the second component, he noted that it will be based on education and youth, through the creation of a football academy and the establishment of a youth workcamp on the exhibition of compressed bricks. Finally, the third component is focused on the economy, capacity building and technology transfer, that is to say, the creation of a steering committee « ECO » Entrepreneurs in the region to facilitate investments. in Ngaba in particular, and Kinshasa in general by organizing trips for young people from Ngaba in 2022 to benefit from various technical training on optical fiber and administrative support. The mayor of this jurisdiction, Télé Mukwanga Mabunda thanked the partners for the synergistic work which will lead to the development of Ngaba. On this occasion, he received a symbolic lot of sanitation materials, namely: the spade, hoe, rakes dustbin brooms in order to fulfill the vision of the urban authority.

Tenge te Litho welcomes the twinning charter between the Town Hall of Évreux and Ngaba

In addition, the provincial minister of decentralization, tourism and planning of the city of Kinshasa, Didier Tenge te Litho welcomed the signing of the Charter of international cooperation between the City of Evreux in France and the commune of Ngaba in Kinshasa for its particularity related to the environment. According to him, this Charter of international cooperation between these two parties meets the objective assigned to his provincial ministry, that of supporting the DRC in basic sustainable development as desired in the new mode of management of the State he justified the support of the provincial government of Kinshasa for this twinning by the fact that this partnership puts at the center the sanitation of the commune of Ngaba, to considerably support the vision “Kinshasa bopeto”, initiated by the governor Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka. Mr. Didier Tenge te Litho expressed the wish to see this cooperation extend to other Decentralized Territorial Entities (ETD) in Kinshasa and in other municipalities. To this end, he invited the burgomaster of Ngaba commune to broaden the themes of interventions with his partners, by placing man at the heart, the head of the delegation of the City of Évreux, Stéphane Baki, who made the symbolic delivery of sanitation equipment, called on the provincial authorities to play their part well in this twinning, while asking for the installation of an office for better monitoring of the partnership.