The German government ready to support the actions of the central Kasai executive


Kananga, April 12th, 2021 (CPA) .- The German government is ready to assist the provincial authorities of Kasai Central in order to provide solutions to the basic social problems of their citizens, said the country’s ambassador to the DRC , Olivier Schnakeberg, after an interview last Thursday in Kananga with the interim governor of this province, Tharcisse Kabatusuila Mbuyamba. According to the source who reported the information to the CPA on Saturday, the education, health, food and security sectors are being favored for the benefit of this post-conflict region. The German diplomat took to heart the grievances of rape survivors and victims of gender-based violence, before welcoming the partnership between German Technical Cooperation and the non-governmental organization « Women Plus » and UN Women in subject of all these questions. He also welcomed the open-mindedness of the authorities of central Kasai in dealing with the sensitive problems of the population of this province.