Josky Kiambukuta now in the pantheon of the big names in Congolese music


Kinshasa, March 13th, 2021 (CPA) – Congolese singer Joseph Kiambukuta Londa alias Josky Kiambukuta, former musician of « Ok Jazz » orchestra then of « Bana Ok », remains forever registered in the pantheon of the great names of music Congolese, said on Sunday several artists, cultural and political figures at the funeral of the famous singer, organized at the Fiftieth anniversary hospital, in Kasa-Vubu municipality.

Several personalities from the cultural and political world of all tendencies have made the trip to pay last tribute to this man whom some keep the memories of a devoted and social singer whose profession has contributed to the education of the mass.

Provincial culture, communication and media commissioner, Yvette Tabu, said Kiambukuta Londa will remain in the pantheon of big names in Congolese music given his level of involvement in the development of Congolese rumba.

In his testimony, the president of the Congolese society for copyright and neighboring rights (SOCODA), Jossart Nyoka Longo Mvula, affirmed that the illustrious disappeared is one of his idols, while the “dean” Jeannot Bombenga, a revealed that he is among the elders who accompanied Josky Kiambukuta early in his career.

After the Fiftieth anniversary hospital, the remains were taken to the Palace of Artistes in Kalamu municipality, where the public attended the unveiling of the plate bearing his name, by the provincial commissioner for culture, Yvette Tabu, before the burial in the necropolis « Between earth and sky », in N’sele municipality.

Complimentary professional background

With more than fifty years of professional career, Josky Kiambukuta was one of the great figures of Congolese music. He began his career in 1969, in « African Fiesta Sukisa » orchestra of guitarist Dr. Nico Kasanda, before joining « Ok Jazz » of Franco Luambo Makiadi, after a short stint in the Continental orchestra of the patron Me Taureau.

He will later be co-founder of the group “Bana Ok” with his friends in particular Lutumba Simaro, Ndombe Opetun, Madilu and others Makoso.

Talented singer and songwriter, Josky Kiambukuta has left to posterity a rich and varied discography with anthology titles performed in Congolese circles of all generations.

His songs are among others « Monzo » (1974), « Faria » (1977), « Owner » (1980), « Bimansha » (1981), « KSK » (1983), « Missile » (1983), « Chandra » (1989), « Selengina ».

Other hits from this talented songwriter and singer: « Gaby » and « Destin » sung with Jean de Dieu Bialu, alias « Madilu System », not to mention his solo discography, with titles such as « Last warning » (1999), “Oui ça va” (2001), “Double vie” (2005).

Born February 14th, 1949 in Kinshasa, Josky Kiambukuta (72) retired from the scene because of his state of health, being struck by a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) during his stay in France. He died on March 7th in Kinshasa at the age of 72. ACP /