Reverend Paul Samba Nkandu thanked for his loyal service to the Baptist Community in Congo


Kinshasa, April 13th, 2021 (CPA) – The general secretary and legal representative of the Baptist community in Congo (CBCO), Reverend Anderson Mwimbu Dwena, presided over, on Sunday, the parish CBCO/Bandalungwa 1 in the municipality of the same name, a religious worship service for the retirement of Rev. Paul Samba Nkandu, after 45 years of pastoral ministry.

Pastor Philippe Mazamba, deputy general secretary, during this religious worship concelebrated by a group of pastors from CBCO, praised the work done by this religious personality within the community he served with fidelity, integrity and self-sacrifice. As such, he said, the community will always approach him as an advisor and mentor of young pastors.

In his preaching taken from the book of 2 Timothy: 4,6-8 and placed under the theme « In the footsteps of Paul », the district pastor of this parish, Jacques Mayala Luzolo, noted three things that characterized the ministry of apostle Paul namely: spiritual warfare, the race to Jesus Christ and faith in God.

For him, the scriptures testify that Paul had fought a good fight in faith in Jesus Christ throughout his course during his ministry on earth by powerfully preaching the word of God despite various trials that he faced.

Even when he asked God to take away the thorn on his back, Paul was not discouraged when the Lord said to him, « My grace alone is sufficient for you. » It is with this in mind that the preacher compared Pastor Samba’s ministry to that of Paul on this day, sealing his retirement after 45 years of ministry with CBCO. A model to be followed by Christians and especially the servants of God urged the preacher.

In his words of encouragement, the honorary legal representative, Reverend Mafwanikisa, reassured of the church’s continued intercession on behalf of Pastor Paul Samba and his family. « You will remain our counselor and ask you to forgive all those who have wronged you, just as the church grants you the same forgiveness », he added. While thanking everyone who helped organize the ceremony.

                   Senator Sanguma congratulates Pastor Samba

Present at this pathetic cult, the 2nd deputy-president of the Senate, Sanguma Temongonde Mossai, expressed his encouragement to the retired pastor for the loyal services he rendered within CBCO in particular and to the Congolese nation in general, during 45 years old.

It is truly a model to follow, he said, before presenting the certificate of merit to the winner to the cheers of the jubilant faithful who have come in large numbers for this religious service.

Note also that, Pastor Samba was born in Kongo Central in October 1949, he worked within CBCO as deputy general secretary and substitute legal representative. ACP /