Tshopo: rising food prices in the Isangi market


Kisangani, April 13th, 2021 (CPA) .- The prices of foodstuffs and other basic necessities saw a slight increase in prices last week on the market of the city of Isangi, capital of the territory which carries the same name, said a journalist from the CPA after a round in the various markets. According to this survey, a cup of white rice that sold for CDF 500 (five hundred) in the month of February and March currently costs CDF 700 (seven hundred).

Cassava and maize flour which was trading at 150 (fifty hundred) FC is currently selling at CDF 200 (two hundred) and CDF 300 or even CDF 500 (five hundred) and cowpea is trading at CDF 800 (eight hundred) on cup. Other consumer goods such as palm oil, bananas, tomatoes and peppers also saw a slight increase in prices in the same market.