Advocacy for synergistic work in favor of improving the education system of ESPST / Kinshasa


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).- Mr. Tricha Musu Ndondama, chief of staff and representative of the provincial minister in charge of Education Charles Mbutamuntu, encouraged the committees of the educational provinces of Kinshasa city and the other actors concerned to work in synergy for the improvement of the education system of ESPST / Kinshasa.

He made this recommendation during the evaluation meeting of the fact-finding mission for the renewal of teachers’ pay slips, and the establishment of the new focal committees of ESPST / Kinshasa, which he chaired Saturday at Kimbuta Institute, in Kasa-Vubu municipality, for directors, inspectors, trade unionists, coordinators of approved schools and parents’ committees.

After hearing the report of the commission, Tricha Musu Ndondama affirmed that this fact-finding mission takes place in a climate of peace and cohesion caused by the approach of working in synergy that the provincial committees have chosen, before stressing that the latter must become more involved in the process of improving the national education system for the happiness of children.

Some educational provinces selected as focal points

Regarding the new establishment of focal point committees for school activities in Kinshasa city, Mr. Tricha Musu Ndondama said that three new focal points have been selected, namely: the educational province of Lukunga designated for the coordination of EXETAT 2021, the educational province of Mont Amba responsible for the conduct of TENAFEP 2021 as well as the new educational province of Plateau to which it has been entrusted with the responsibility of directing the activities of the urban commission and school promotion.

For his part, the moderator of this activity, the director of the educational province of Tshangu, Robert Nkongi said he was satisfied with the holding of all the activities, carried out in accordance with the school calendar which tends towards certification tests.

He praised the orientations of the province decreed by the provincial minister who is the chairman of the joint committee and which contributes to the proper functioning of the sector.