Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo for strengthening ties between “Holy family Chaplaincy” and the Archdiocese of Kinshasa


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).- Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo on Sunday urged the English-speaking Catholic community of the “Holy family Chaplaincy” chaplaincy to strengthen its ties with the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, during a mass celebrated, in the as part of his pastoral visit to this church, in Kasa-Vubu municipality.

In his homily taken from the Gospel of Luke 24,35-48, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa recalled that God is with all and walks with all, while showing everyone the ideal path that leads to him, adding that as Christ is the giver of peace, it is important that everyone is also an ambassador of peace in their living environment.

Cardinal Ambongo congratulated the leaders of this community for the efforts made to equip themselves with a comfortable building, hoping that this chaplaincy would eventually become a parish, a church with a convent where priests live, with parish halls as well as a school for English-speaking children.

He stressed that the existence of this English-speaking Catholic community is a response to a spiritual need of the English-speaking brothers and sisters living in Kinshasa city before urging its members to do without any nostalgic concerns due to the change of country, d environment or usual, and to become familiar with the Congolese brothers, knowing that Jesus Christ has no borders and is the same everywhere.

For his part, the chaplain of the English-speaking Catholic community of the Holy Family, Father Emmanuel Ikenna, said he was satisfied with the pastoral visit of Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, having allowed him to soak up the situations in which Christians are living, the evolution of parish activities as well as the challenges faced by the members.