COCOLUCO sensitizes political and economic actors in Kasai area to tax culture


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).– The Coalition of Non-Governmental organizations against corruption (COCOLUCO) organized, from Friday April 16th to Saturday April 17th, at its headquarters in Kalamu municipality in Kinshasa, the economic days in the intention of political and economic operators in the Grand-Kasai area, on tax culture.

According to the national delegated coordinator of this member structure of civil society, Sam Bakasenda Wa Kasenda, these meetings are intended to be an ideal and appropriate framework to remind participants of their civic duties towards the Congolese State, in order to give them the necessary means for the materialization of various projects of community interest.

For him, paying tax and tax is an obligation for all Congolese citizens, whatever their sector of activity, before adding: “These days also constitute COCOLUCO’s support for the actions of the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

Political actors, representatives of State public enterprises, experts from civil society have in turn addressed various themes, among others, the state of play of the economic sector of Kasai area; profitable projects of the government and economic operators of Kasai area; the role of the Industry Promotion Fund (FPI) in the process of reviving economic activity in Kasai area; the role of the Congolese state and the population in the process of growth of the economic sector in this area.

The national coordinator of the framework for consultation of civil society organizations, Dany Singoma one of the facilitators expressed the wish to see the population of Kasai area take ownership of projects of collective interest and actions initiated, both by the government national than provincial.

For civil society, the state will have to take its responsibilities in hand in order to make the fight against revenue leakage one of its priorities which, once mastered, could lead the provinces towards endogenous development.

Senators, MP, economic operators and members of civil society who participated in its two-day meeting promised to do everything possible to ensure that the payment of taxes, duties and other fees due to the public treasury is a daily exercise, the only pledge for the development of our respective provinces and the country and the only way capable of replenishing the state coffers.ACP/MUPANGU/JJL /GM