« Eure Congo » NGO concerned about the functioning of some accommodation centers for orphans in Ngaba


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The president of « Eure Congo » NGO, Stephane Baki, expressed concern about the operating conditions of some accommodation and supervision centers for orphans, widows and other unemployed , which are distorted to curb their physical growth and social development, after a visit to these sites on Saturday in the company of his employees.

His delegation, he said, went to the idle center « Tosungana », « Assaran » and « Colq lisungi ya Klisto » NGO where it became immersed in financial and logistical difficulties, etc. with which these hospices are confronted.

These are among others: the lack of rent and school fees for orphans, the lack of teaching materials and sewing machines for training in cutting and sewing, enumerated Stephane Baki while reassuring that his structure is considering the creation of a partnership with Ngaba municipality, to support these centers to a minimum.

In order to mark their visit, the members of the delegation also gave some donations of school supplies, dictionaries, books, musical instruments as well as a sum of money to the centers visited, as comfort to the recipients.

Construction of orphanages

According to another member of the delegation, the project manager Jean Herve Guichaoua, « Eure Congo » run several projects including eco-construction, is specializing in the construction of orphanages capable of holding a hundred children, the manufacture of compressed bricks, optical fiber training, agricultural entrepreneurship and others.

For his part, the mayor of Ngaba, Tele Mabunda thanked the mayor of Evreux, Guy le Frand and the president of « Eure Congo » Stephane Baki for the mark of attention that their organizations give to his municipality and which prove their willingness to support the development efforts of their municipality.

Last Saturday, it is recalled, the city of Evreux and Ngaba municipality had signed in the presence of the governor of Kinshasa city, Gentiny Ngobila, a cooperation charter focused on water, sanitation, vocational training for young people in this part of the capital.