Professor Simon Kayoyo’s doctoral thesis, a contribution to the reform of the education system in DRC


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).– The academic general secretary of the Catholic Christian University Don Akam (UCC-DON AKAM), Prof. Albert Mwambayi Cipamba, declared that Prof. Simon Kayoyo’s doctoral thesis on the management of the quality of university education contributes to the success of the reform of the education system in DRC, during an interview on Saturday with CPA.

Prof. Albert Mwambayi Cipamba believes that this doctoral thesis provides appropriate solutions in the reform of the higher education educational system in DRC through the recommendations relating to the quality management of universities.

Simon Kayoyo’s doctoral thesis, awarded with the mention « the greatest distinction », it is recalled, is entitled: « Management of the quality of teaching in universities in DRC, comparative analysis of quality indicators between public and private universities”.

Prof. Mwambayi also stressed that UCC Don Akam is part of the vision of the Catholic Church based on the integral formation of all men and all.

This local university with a social vocation, he said, organizes courses in particular, computer sciences, health sciences, law, economics and management, information and communication sciences, social, administrative and political sciences. ACP / Ngayama