The Digital Minister encourages players in his sector to adapt DRC’s digital code


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).– Digital Minister Eberande Kolongele encouraged digital players to adapt DRC’s digital code, during an exchange he had by videoconference, with representatives of DRC Digital Actors Network (RAN) on the legal framework on which this ministry should base its policy.

« The Minister after having received the opinions and considerations encouraged RAN to pilot a work of overhaul of this code to » tropicalize « and » be Congolese « it so that it no longer reflects the Beninese policy from which the text was taken more than 86%, notes the blog of the Network of Digital Actors of DRC (RAN).

According to the source, it was also a question of building on actions as well as on structural policies that should allow digital technology to be a vector of wealth creation and jobs in the country.

« The actors did not fail to salute the minister’s interest in members of the ecosystem and the availability to listen to them and discuss with them. As digital minister, he favored a virtual meeting rather than a face-to-face meeting in order to maximize the participation of stakeholders from different corners of the country. An attitude that was welcomed by the latter”, reports the blog of the network of digital players.

The members of the Network of Digital Actors of the DRC (RAN) submitted a technical note whose salient points touch on several aspects considered important and which were also the items on the agenda of the conversation.

To each of these points were appended practical recommendations to be considered by the Minister and his team.

These are the legal and regulatory framework, the powers of the Digital Ministry which should distinguish it from that of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC), the operating resources of the Digital Ministry, being a new ministerial portfolio, the framework for collaboration with the existing ecosystem, digital services within public and private institutions and the need for interoperability as well as impressions in general on the digital code of DRC.

Regarding the last point, the digital players wanted to present to the Minister their concerns about the draft digital code which was tabled in Parliament by a national deputy.

The participants in this meeting thus welcomed the relevance of the reflections provided by the Minister, but also his mastery of the legal and technical aspects related to the ministry for which he will be responsible once invested by Parliament. The two parties met for future exchanges while encouraging the minister to make digital at the service of the Congolese people.

After having served the Democratic Republic of Congo within the office of the Head of State Felix Tshisekedi, Professor Desire Cashmir Kolongele Eberande will now serve the Republic within this sensible ministry to materialize the vision of the Head of State Felix Tshisekedi who is to digitize the Nation but also to make digital a vector of wealth creation and employment in the country. ACP/Indombe