The procedure for customs clearance of goods explained to economic operators in Maniema


Kindu, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The provincial customs and excise directorate, DGDA / Maniema, organized on Thursday April 15th, a tax and customs morning for economic operators and customs declarants in Maniema province, on the procedure applicable for customs clearance of import goods.

During this day extended to members of the Federation of Congo Businesses (FEC / Maniema), transporters, border services as well as financial stakeholders, the provincial director of DGDA / Maniema, Jodelle Kyonko Belinga, put at the disposal of its guests, all the tools, all the general and specific information on customs facilities that it’s put at their disposal.

He urged them on occasion, to fulfill, among other things, their tax obligations 14 days after receipt and declaration of the goods, and if necessary, to cooperate well with the services of DGDA, their partner, who are always ready to support them for the success of their business.

For his part, the 1st deputy president of the provincial council of FEC / Maniema, Albert Bolangi, congratulated DGDA for the holding of these meetings which, according to him, are the first in the history of Maniema province. He expressed the wish to perpetuate this kind of meeting, before inviting the provincial authorities to examine the state of the roads of provincial and national interest. These roads, he recalled, are in a very advanced state of disrepair. They are the cause of the province’s economic isolation. ACP / KALOKO / NGONGO / JJL / GM.