APK: Adoption of the calendar for March 2021 session


Kinshasa, April 20th, 2021 (CPA) – The elected of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa (APK), adopted, on Monday, the calendar of activities dedicating the session of March 2021, during a plenary chaired by the president of this deliberative body, Godefroid Mpoyi Kadima, at its headquarters in Gombe municipality.

The latter said that this session will deal with new matters, legislative and non-legislative backlogs having been adopted in advance by the conference of presidents.

Regarding matters in the non-legislative domain, new matters are planned such as the presentation of the management report of APK office, the hearing and use of parliamentary recess reports as well as parliamentary control.

In the category of legislative arrears, the plenary will hear and analyze parliamentary recess reports, as well as reports from parliamentary oversight committees.

A draft Edict relating to the organization of funeral ceremonies

With regard to the legislative field, the elected will examine the Edict proposal reforming the procedure for collecting taxes, duties, fees in Kinshasa city, the Edict proposal reforming the procedure of duties, taxes and fees royalties from the outdoor advertising sector in Kinshasa city.

With regard to the legislative backlogs to be dealt with, notably appear the draft Edict relating to the general provisions applicable to funerals in Kinshasa city, the draft Edict approving the agreement between Kongo Central and Kinshasa city, the Edict proposal on the protection and sustainable management of rivers in Kinshasa city.

The same is true of the Edict proposal relating to the protection of needy people living with disabilities in the capital, as well as that relating to tourism in Kinshasa city.

President Godefroid Mpoy reassured his fellow elected that several other subjects will be gradually integrated into the calendar during the said session.

It should be noted that during this meeting the provincial elected examined behind closed doors the 4th item of the agenda relating to the management of the office during the period from October 2020 to March 2021. ACP /