Denis Kambayi calls for the consideration of priority needs for the development of the Greater Kasai Area


Kinshasa, April 20th, 2021 (CPA) – The national president of the Synergy of notables and associations of Grand Kasaï (SYNAGK), Senator Denis Kambayi Cimbumbu, called for the consideration of priority needs aimed at the endogenous development of the Grand Kasaï area.

He launched this call in his presentation at the economic days of this space organized on April 17th and 18th, 2021 in Kinshasa, by the coalition of NGO in the fight against corruption (COCOLUCO).

He revealed that if the Congolese state managed to focus on the five priority axes that hamper the endogenous development of this part of the country, namely, the energy sector (power and water), road infrastructure, mines , the agro-pastoral sector and man himself, Grand Kasai could develop at the same rate as the other regions of DRC.

Senator Kambayi Cimbumbu further explained that the lack of energy in the Greater Kasai area means that this region does not have industries for the transformation of several raw materials, adding that it contains several minerals that do not are not operated due to lack of electric current

Regarding the agro-pastoral sector, he explained that agriculture constitutes the basis of development of a region, the Grand Kasai having fertile land, must be endowed with the necessary means to produce agricultural products to feed a region. large part of DRC and thus fight against food insecurity and malnutrition.

The president of SYNAGEK specified that it is also essential to rehabilitate all the agricultural service roads as well as the national roads in order to allow the rapid and easy delivery of food agricultural products from the production centers to those of consumption and facilitate trade in Greater Kasai. He invited the man himself to change mentalities and to embark on the fight against corruption for the success of development.

He asked the President of the Republic and the Congolese government to look into this issue of priorities for the development of this part of the country, before indicating that the sons and daughters of the Grand Kasai area are ready to accompany them to the success of the vision of the Head of State who puts man at the center of everything through the slogan « The people first ». ACP /