Gentiny Ngobila thanks the President of the Republic for the presence of elected officials from Kinshasa in Sama Lukonde government


Kinshasa, April 20th, 2021 (CPA) – The governor of Kinshasa city, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, expressed, on Saturday, his gratitude to the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, for the appointment of national elected officials of Kinshasa city and those of the Grand Bandundu space, during a dinner he offered them, in a restaurant in the capital.

These are in particular the elected Patrick Muyaya, appointed Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Government Spokesman, Cherubin Okende, Minister in charge of Transport and Communication Routes, Tony Mwaba and Godard Motemona respectively Minister in charge of EPST and Deputy Minister in charge of Mines.

For the greater Bandundu area, these are Mmes O’niege N’sele Mimpa and Seraphine Kilubu Kutuna respectively Deputy Ministers in charge of Finance and National Defense.

During this interview, the governor of Kinshasa city also honored on this occasion, the rapporteur of the office of the National Assembly, the national elected Colette Tshomba.

Gentiny Ngobila said that « this representation in the government known as the » Warriors « is a source of joy for the Congolese capital, insofar as Kinshasa now has spokespersons in the government, with the possibility of snatching up the direct involvement of the government in the concerns of Kinshasa people.

He took advantage of the meeting to make his hosts aware of “Kinshasa-Bopeto” operation and to solicit their involvement in its implementation, stressing that this operation, which is full of several axes of intervention, aims in particular to change the mentalities of the populations, the fight against insalubrity and the renovation of the city.

For their part, the hosts of the governor of Kinshasa city assured him of their unconditional support for “Kinshasa-bopeto” program which will also benefit their respective bases. ACP /