Leopards A lack of mentality at the base of their CAN debacle, says Coach Christian Nsengi Biembe


Kinshasa, April 20th, 2021 (CPA) – The lack of mentality of the Leopards A of DR Congo was the basis of their debacle in the qualifiers of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), Cameroon 2021, told Top Congo on Monday FM the main coach of DR Congo national team, Christian Nsengi Biembe Sese Seko.

Coach Christian Nsengi, believing that his record is mixed, stressed that the mind is a capital element in a team, which would like to achieve a goal. This means that the Congolese national team sinned by this evidence from the first game of the qualifiers, noting that the 0-0 draw at the Martyrs Stadium against Gabon was the thorn in the feet of the Leopards.

By accepting in bad taste the outcome of the match against the Scorpions of Gambia (2-2), the Congolese technician indicated that his foals simply lacked lucidity to properly manage the said match, which could already put DR Congo sheltered from future inclinations. But, the most horrible was the match of the 5th day against the Panthers of Gabon, whose defeat was inevitable. “We missed the mark. The players didn’t have a warrior mind to step up and capitalize on our luck. Unfortunately, people have looked for scapegoats elsewhere”, he said.

« I am a professional and I would take responsibility for … »

As for his future as head of DRC national team, coach Nsengi Biembe has indicated that he expects all kinds of scenarios and does not want to hang on to the job. He will make demands if he has to stay and he will leave if he has to without making it a problem.

“As a professional, I don’t trust rumors. I know that in due course we will assess the effects of the disqualification. Thus, the options will be exercised. For now, I remain focused on my job as national technical director where we focus on the advancement of Congolese football. «