Mishiki offers community approach to end insecurity in Nord Kivu


Kinshasa, April 20th, 2021 (CPA) – The president of the National Union of Nationalists (UNANA) and member of EFDC-A, Prince William Mishiki Buhini, proposed the community approach to end insecurity in the East of DRC, during an interview he gave to the press on Monday.

The elected representative of Walikali, who had dwelled on political news in DRC, meant that the community approach will not issue any bullet but will involve the notables, the natives of this corner.

In this process, he continued, community engagement will consist of building relationships that will allow stakeholders to work together on issues related to insecurity and promote the well-being of the population. Ideally, it should be based on concepts relevant to the local context derived from experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of activities aimed at involving communities.

These activities include sharing information with stakeholders and providing feedback, taking thoughtful action to close the feedback loop, and taking small, achievable actions to address community challenges and encourage dialogue, all of which are needed. aiming to reach a consensus between the communities and the actors who interact with them.

For the former activist Mai-Mai, the real problem must be solved by the central government. « I believe that with the Sacred Union government, this practice will be ended », he said.

He also called on the population to be vaccinated. For him, Zeleka product is one of the best that DRC has chosen.

“The outgoing minister has been vaccinated. Let’s follow his example, it’s a good sign”, he concluded. ACP /