26th LINAFOOT championship is exceptional…, says coach Maku of Lupopo


Kinshasa, April 21nd, 2021 (CPA).– 26th championship of the National Football League (LINAFOOT) is exceptional and does a lot of good, said FC Saint Eloi Lupopo coach Bertin Makuse on Wednesday in Goma at the occasion of the pre-match conference against the local team of AS Dauphin Noir for the 24th day.

Lupopo coach said he was very confident about the meeting as at this level of the competition his team is in the top 5 and it’s not over yet. He will want to negotiate this game with a lot of technicality to capitalize on his chances because, for him, the champion is not yet known. It can be Sanga Balende, Maniema Union, Mazembe, V.Club or even Lupopo. « There is not a favorite or disadvantaged team at this level, » he said.

With 7 matches to play, Lupopo hopes to continue to scramble in the standings to finally carve out his share.

Dauphin Noir coach Birindwa Cirongozi said it was another game, with another coach. It’s not his problem. His problem is that he considers the game against Lupopo to be his first closed game. The game lost to Maniema Union (1-2) on April 8 gave him a lot of lessons and, against Lupopo, its victory or nothing.

In the standings, Lupopo is 4th with 42 points in 23 matches, while Dauphin Noir is 14th with 16 points in 20 matches.

In the first leg on December 27th, 2020 in Lubumbashi, the Cheminots won by 3-0. ACP/